Our goal is to provide contemporary resources that empower young people in Catholic schools to model their leadership style on Jesus and radiate the Good News of the Gospels in their everyday lives.


The things we value most mould and shape the way we lead – finding a connection through reflection and action with Jesus and his mission.


Jesus’ ministry is a striking example of an important leadership principle: the mission continues when we are captured by it, equipped to do it, and ‘teamed’ to carry it on.


Leading as Jesus did – servant leadership: called to be creators, builders, and dreamers – for the life of the local community and the world.


Hearing God’s voice means finding a balance between being open to times of silence and listening to and responding to the noises of the world.


Hi, thanks for checking out our website of leadership resources for ministry in Catholic schools. The ASCEND team is committed to providing challenging, fresh and contemporary resources that will assist in fostering the formation of powerful student leaders. Leadership is essentially about building effective relationships and ASCEND is centred on the servant-style leadership of Christ found in the Gospels and modelled through present-day examples.

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Jesus as a Model for Leadership Ministry

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In his miracles and his healings, Jesus deflected attention from himself, giving thanks to God (Matthew 9: 8; John 7: 16; 9: 3 – 4; 11: 41 – 42) or praising the faith of those who sought him (Matthew 15: 28; Mark 5: 34).

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The Church and Society Need You (Pope Francis) Header Image

The Church & Society Need You

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Pope Francis said that he hopes preparations for World Youth Day in Panama and the Synod of Bishops in October 2018, ‘will move forward in tandem,’ since the topic of the Synod will be youth, faith and vocational discernment.

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How Do We Lead by Serving?

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Principle #1: Humble your heart
Principle #2: First be a follower
Principle #3: Find greatness in service
Principle #4: Take risks
Principle #5: Take up the towel
Principal #6: Share responsibility & authority
Principle #7: Build a team

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