How Do We Lead by Serving?

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How Do We Lead by Serving?

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Principle #1: Humble your heart

Servant leaders humble themselves and wait for God to exalt them. (based on Luke 14: 7 – 11). This principle comes from Jesus’ story about choosing places of honour at a banquet.

Principle #2: First be a follower

Servant leaders follow Jesus rather than seek a position (based on Mark 10: 32 – 40). This tenet comes from James and John’s request of Jesus that they sit on his right and left when he came into his glory.

Principle #3: Find greatness in service

Servant leaders give up personal rights to find greatness in service to others (based on Mark 10: 45). The other ten disciples did not appreciate James and John’s boldness with Jesus. The best example of this principle is Jesus’ own life.

Principle #4: Take risks

Servant leaders can risk serving others because they trust that God is in control of their lives (based on John 13: 3). Only when you trust God with absolute control of your life can you risk losing yourself in service to others.

Principle #5: Take up the towel 

Servant leaders take up Jesus’ towel of servant-hood to meet the needs of others (based on John 13: 4 – 11).  Jesus took up the towel and washbasin to model his mission and show his love for those he recruited to carry out his mission.

Principal #6: Share responsibility and authority

Servant leaders share their responsibility and authority with others to meet a greater need (based on Acts 6: 1 – 6). Jesus equipped his disciples to carry out a worldwide mission. He shared both responsibility and authority with them to make disciples of all people.

Principle #7: Build a team

Servant leaders multiply their leadership by empowering others to lead (based on Mark 6: 7). Leadership of a team is the highest expression of servant leadership. Servant leaders serve best when they team with others to accomplish the mission.